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Music for Your Special Occasion
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For a small, intimate outdoor
gathering, the violin adds
elegance and charm. The violin
enhances the ambiance for indoor
events such as a church or small
dinner party.

The violin is amplified for use
during outdoor events or large
indoor gatherings.  
ensures sound quality and volume
n a windy day or cocktail parties
giving you peace of mind
Whether you are looking for solo violin or a fuller harmonic sound, Kimberly will
ensure your special day is nothing short of your dream.

Performances at:
Wedding Ceremony (Church  and outdoor)
Cocktail Hour
Dinner Hour
Church and Holiday Services
Corporate Events
Private Events

Instrument combinations available:
Violin Solo
Violin Duet
Violin and Piano
Violin and Flute
Violin and Harp
Violin, Flute and Harp
Violin, Piano and Cello
String Quartet

Please inquire about other instruments available.  Kimberly has a large network
of talented musicians.
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